Get a Birds-Eye View Through RTK GPS

Digital Elevation Models are generally done using drones (or UAVs). DEM via drones is best done when there’s a clear view of the site from above, in outdoors settings.

Surveying using lasers can be done indoors or when the terrain or tree cover is a problem for drones, otherwise RTK GPS topography mapping is the go-to choice for a variety of applications.

RTK GPS Topography Maps: Outdoor Surveying

Timbercraft Consulation uses our mapping drones to create georeferenced orthographic aerial maps – using our UAVs, RTK base station and rover, we can take high-accuracy images of terrain and then stitch them together into a mosaic. These orthomosaic maps are usually accurate to within 2.5 to 5 cm.

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Certified Drone Operators

Timbercraft Consultation is licensed through Transport Canada to safely operate our drones above people.

RTK GPS topography mapping was used to collect this highly accurate data on the stockpile volumes in this quarry.