Road Construction Cut and Fill Calculation

Timbercraft Consultation operates drones which can safely and simply create topographical maps of your construction site for cut and fill quantity calculation. We can calculate volumes without interrupting production at your work site – our UAVs give you a birds-eye view of your operation, safely above your construction site.

We are certified through Transport Canada to provide safe operation of our drones.

Cut and Fill Calculation is best done with drones such as this one.

Mining Subpit Cut and Fill Surveying

We can also help mine operators evaluate how much waste material is required to fill in a mining subpit. Our drones can safely calculate the volume of your subpits as well as the volumes of your mining waste piles, to make the process of filling in mine pits more simple and cost-effective.

Providing Other Services to the Mining Sector

Contact us today to discuss your cut and fill quantity needs. We offer other services to mining operators as well.