Accuracy Matters

Accuracy Matters

Timbercraft Consultation Inc. uses RTK GPS and impulse lasers to take precise measurements. We are an independent auditor, so we can be trusted to ensure that you have correct calculations to work from. Stop estimating and know what your jobs truly cost.

Call Us Before You Start

  • get a blast design that will save you the most money
  • know exactly what’s in your stockpiles (to the centimeter)
  • have your permits and licenses procured
  • take advantage of GPS surveying (sub centimeter & meter accuracy)

Already Underway? It’s Not Too Late

Call (705) 753-6743 today and tell us what you need.

Examples Of Our Mapping Capabilities:

Example MapBlast Map – gauge quarry size before and after blast
Salt Dome Volume – calculate in-dome stockpile volume
Stockpile Map – illustrate layout and inventory
Stone Dust Volume – calculate challenging volumes