Consulting for Aggregates Businesses

Timbercraft Consultation specializes in consulting on the startup of aggregate companies. We are one of the best companies in Ontario at walking you through the entire aggregate application process including locating promising quarry sites, the surveying process, studying potential environmental impacts, and facilitating the permit or license application process. Learn more about our aggregates service offerings here.

We collect business intelligence for you through our drone mapping and data collection technology – we are highly skilled at communicating “the lay of the land” through our drones-eye view of the territory.

In-House Drone Purchases

Timbercraft Consultation is available to help you equip your business with drones, to enable your in-house imaging needs.

Call us today for a preliminary conversation; we can discuss your company’s UAV requirements and make recommendations for the kinds of drone that would best fit your use cases.

Danny Benson is a certified Advanced Drone Pilot through Transport Canada, which qualifies him to train your staff in the safe operation of UAVs.

Danny Benson specializes in offering consulting services to aggregates startups.